Do What Feels Right For You

Do What Feels Right For You

In response to the negative language, harsh judgment, and all the anti-aging noise, YesAge was created to celebrate aging skin. And the best kind of celebrations are ones that are inclusive! Whatever choices a person makes about their journey in aging - from surgery and injectables to topicals - YesAge says yes to choice! Do what feels right for you.

Aging is full of judgment. Even in searching for a positive name for our company, we were shocked by how judgemental language is for aging. Relatively few English words are kind about aging. Instead, we have negative terms like crumble, decline, decrepit, fade, ferment, slump, stale, tired, and wane (just to name a few). With so many negative connotations for aging, is it any wonder that our choices about how we age are judged so harshly.

Arguably, the most judgmental aspect of aging is physical looks. As a person looks older, people are categorized as less important, less worthy than younger people. To stay relevant, one must hide his or her age…so of course society tells us that wrinkles are bad. Anti-aging products are a mult-billion dollar industry, full of promises to make us look younger, and full of judgment for looking a certain age.

Even the anti-aging industry is full of contradictions. People are choosing injections at a younger age than ever before, but if injections freeze the face then they are harshly criticized. Choosing plastic surgery is frowned upon, but a good face lift is celebrated. If a person chooses to age naturally, then they are criticized for showing signs of aging.

Aging is inevitable and universal to all humans - it’s something we all have in common. Older skin has different needs than younger skin. However, there are relatively few products available that address the needs of aging skin without judgment. Try searching for products for aging skin that offer anything but anti-aging promises. Even for brands with more age positive language, the products have anti-aging promises like “reduces the look of laugh lines and wrinkles.” This implicit judgment can be hard to identify and undermines other age positive statements, essentially saying, “age positively, but don’t show it.”

The word “yes” is defined as a way to express affirmation or assent. We say “yes” to aging as a positive, realistic response to the inevitability of growing older. YesAge offers products specifically formulated to care for aging skin. Our products are intended to be part of your daily routine, as a compliment to whatever choices you make about your skin - no judgment.

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