About YesAge

YesAge was created out of a sense of self-love, and wanting to go easy on ourselves. Anyone who’s ever searched online for skincare products will encounter nearly immediately the vast and overwhelming set of products that promise to be “anti-aging”.

Let’s pause to consider that phrase for a moment. Aging is the most natural and inevitable process of all. In fact, “aging” could easily be thought of as “living”. It is, of course, impossible to oppose aging.

So why are so many companies telling you to stop aging?

It’s strange, if you think about it, or even offensive, depending on your mood. It’s almost like we’re being told that we, as aging people, are wrong.

YesAge was created in direct response to this message of self-denial. We encourage you to embrace yourself, and your body and skin, and instead of denying yourself, we encourage you to care for yourself.

It’s that simple. Say “Yes!” to your age.

We know that not everyone is ready to go gray. And that you may not like those deepening wrinkles. So, we encourage you to do whatever feels right for you to care for yourself, and to love yourself. There are myriad tools, procedures, diets, and products to help.

In the meantime, your skin will continue to age. So say “Yes” to products that are formulated specifically to support your skin, nourish and hydrate it, and keep you feeling and looking healthy.

Follow these links to learn more about our co-founders CEO Julie Mercer-Ingram and President Matthew Ingram. Sarah Miletich is YesAge's Chief Operating Officer and third co-founding partner.