Putting Our Values To Work: What It Means To Be A Sustainable Company

Putting Our Values To Work: What It Means To Be A Sustainable Company

At YesAge, we're committed to more than just exceptional products; We didn’t want to launch just another consumer product without deeply considering the impact of this product on our planet. From the packaging, to ingredient selection, to how we ship - we consider every angle of what it means to be a responsible manufacturer in today’s world.

Our Packaging

Our quest for eco-friendly packaging isn't just about jumping on the "green" bandwagon – it's a genuine exploration into what truly makes a difference. 

Through extensive research, we've sifted through the sea of vague eco-claims to uncover tangible solutions that minimize our impact on our environment. But it hasn't been easy. We've come face-to-face with the reality that the world hasn't fully embraced non-plastic alternatives yet. 

In our pursuit of sustainability, we've encountered tough choices. Balancing cost-effectiveness with environmental impact isn't always straightforward. But we're determined to prioritize accessibility without compromising on our commitment to the planet. 

Our products all utilize aluminum bottles. Aluminum is infinitely recyclable, meaning it can be repurposed over and over again without losing quality. By opting for aluminum, we're reducing our reliance on single-use plastics and minimizing our environmental impact. 

We're transparent about our use of plastic pump tops and the impact these have on the environment. We're dedicated to enhancing their reusability and strive to provide non-plastic alternatives whenever feasible.

As we grow and reinvest in YesAge, you'll see tangible strides in our eco-friendly initiatives. Our commitment to putting the planet first remains steadfast. We're dedicated to a more sustainable future, one step at a time.

Our Ingredient Selection

With a focus on meeting the needs of mature skin, we meticulously curate each ingredient not only for its efficacy, but also its safety and environmental impact.

Before utilizing an ingredient in our products, it must pass our internal litmus test:

  1. Are its proposed skin benefits substantiated by science?
  2. Can it be sustainably sourced without pesticides or other contaminants?
  3. Are we using the correct types and amounts of the ingredient in the product?

We believe that great skincare doesn’t have to be overly complicated. The earth has continuously provided some of the best solutions via her many natural chemical factories: plants! While human technology helps refine certain aspects that are needed to create shelf-stable products that you can rely on over time, we left 99% of our ingredients to mother nature herself.

Our systemic approach to ingredient selection and formulation leaves no stone unturned. We commit to simple, understandable ingredients that effectively make your skin look and feel amazing without any unintended side effects: ingredients you can feel good about.

Our Testing Standards

In a world inundated with greenwashing and misleading labels, we’re rewriting the script on clean beauty. We know that terms like "clean" and "natural" have become ubiquitous, leaving consumers puzzled and vulnerable to misleading marketing tactics. Organic doesn't necessarily equate to pesticide-free, and the absence of pesticides doesn't automatically certify a product as organic; It's a tangled web of semantics and loopholes, leaving you unsure about what truly goes into your skincare routine.

Ingredient selection is paramount, of course. That's why we steer clear of harmful substances like parabens, phthalates, and potentially carcinogenic additives. But even plant-derived, organic ingredients can harbor contaminants from various sources, such as nearby farms or solvents used in processing. We can’t stop at ingredient selection when considering purity.

Pesticide residue limits and regulations often overlook processed products, where contaminants can become concentrated. Yet, shockingly few cosmetic brands (or food suppliers, for that matter) test for these hidden dangers. At YesAge, we have decided to take a different and radical approach. While others rely on buzzwords and vague promises, we rigorously test our cosmetics for pesticides and contaminants with a credentialed third party lab, because we believe you should trust in the purity of the products you put on your face every day (twice daily!).

Our commitment to clean beauty isn't just talk—it's backed by concrete action. We test, we verify, and we publish our results because we believe you deserve nothing less. With YesAge, you can trust that what you see on our label is exactly what you get in your skincare routine—no compromises, no hidden surprises.

Our commitment

Being a responsible manufacturer is an ongoing process. Thankfully, new advancements in sustainability are popping up all the time. We’re committed to keeping our finger on the pulse of these advancements and continuously reinvesting in our pledge to do better.

You may see multiple iterations of our packaging, our shipping materials etc., while many brands may shy away from this for the sake of consistency, or to achieve a certain look, we would rather put the planet first. An aluminum bottle, albeit prone to small dents, is recyclable ad infinitum; we prefer that to a pretty plastic container that will be used once and live out an eternity in a landfill. 

These are just a few of the ways you can see YesAge working a little differently, and more responsibly, than most. We can’t wait to show you a few more!

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